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Next steps:

1. We use your contact information to send you an invitation email, once a study is available.

2. The email contains more details, on the date and time. Ususally, we will first inquire about your availability first.

3. Once you indicate you are willing to participate, you will receive a link to enter the study.

Questions & Answers

Q. Are there any important things I should know about these studies? Answers: our studies ask you to make decisions or let us know your opinions about specific issues. All studies have been ethically approved by an institutional review board. 

Importantly, in order to participate, please make sure:

  • You have a quiet place and reliable internet access
  • Use a large screen device (no smart phone)
  • Have uninterrupted time and pay attention for the duration of the study.

Organisational points:

  • You need to have a paypal account to get paid.
  • It is possible that more individuals want to participate than slots available. We cannot guarantee you a slot ! In case this happens, „surplus“ individuals will be placed back on the waiting list.
  • Forwarding, altering, duplicating, or otherwise modifying any URL of this study will lead to immediate disqualification.

Q. Are studies paid?  Answer: yes studies are paid, in average 15 $, for 60 mins of participation, or a prorated amount. Payments are facilitated via paypal, so it is essential that you have a paypal account

  • Studies have usually two components. You get a fixed payment for completion, and a variable part which depends on your choices
  • In case of early termination of the study, you will be paid a prorated amount.
  • Payment processing can take up to 5 business days.

Q. How do I get invited? Answer: we will contact you via email or facebook directly

Q. Am I guaranteed a spot? Answer: unfortunately, no. We need to fit our study to specific requirements at the day and time of the study itself

Q. What happens to this contact data ? Answer: all contact data will be deleted one year after signup. If you wish to have your data deleted earlier, please fill out this form:

Request to remove data:

Q. How do studies look & feel? Answer: You will face a screen with text and submit choices via buttons. Everything will be online.  First you read instructions, then you will be asked to make choices. Here is an example screenshot. Of course in a real study, you will be told what a „mismatcher“ is !

Example screenshot
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