Selected Papers

Selected publications

Efferson, C., McKay, R., and Fehr, E.  (2020).  The evolution of distorted beliefs versus mistaken choices under asymmetric error costs.  Evolutionary Human  Sciences.

Efferson, C., Vogt, S., and Fehr, E. The promise and the peril of using social influence to reverse harmful traditions. Nature Human Behaviour 4, 55–68 (2020).

Efferson, C. and Vogt, S.  Behavioural homogenization with spillovers in a normative domain.  Proceedings of the Royal Society B285, 20180492 (2018).

Vogt, S., Efferson, C., and Fehr, E.  The risk of female genital cutting in Europe: Comparing immigrant attitudes toward uncut girls with attitudes in a practicing country.  SSM – Population Health 3, 283-293 (2017).

Vogt, S., Mohmmed Zaid, N., El Fadil Ahmed, H., Fehr, E., and Efferson, C.  Changing cultural attitudes towards female genital cutting. Nature 538, 506–509 (2016).

Efferson, C., Lalive, R., Cacault, M.P., and Kistler, D.  The evolution of facultative conformity based on similarity.  PLoS ONE11, e0168551 (2016).

Efferson,C., Vogt, S., Elhadi, A., El Fadil Ahmed, H., and Fehr, E. Female genital cutting is not a social coordination norm. Science, 349, 1446-1447 (2015).

Efferson, C., Lalive, R., and Fehr, E.  The coevolution of cultural groups and ingroup favoritism.  Science, 321, 1844-1849 (2008).

Selected working papers

Schief, M., Vogt, S., and Efferson, C.  The structure of son bias in Armenia: From implicit associations to explicit behavior.  (2019).

Soraperra, I., Köbis, N., Efferson, C., Shalvi, S., Vogt, S., Offerman, T.  A market for integrity – An experiment on corruption in the education sector.  (2019).


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