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Charles Efferson

Faculty of Business and Economics
University of Lausanne

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Charles is an evolutionary ecologist squarely focused on the evolution of human social cognition and human social behavior. Although he takes evolutionary ecology as an overarching framework, his research draws from anthropology, economics, psychology, and sociology.

Charles routinely mixes modeling with the analysis of both experimental and observational data.  He has conducted fieldwork, laboratory experiments, and on-line experiments in Armenia, Brazil, Bolivia, Germany, Sudan, Switzerland, and the United States.

Charles is in the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Lausanne.  He is co-director of LABEX, together with Adrian Bruhin, and together with Laurent Lehmann and Luís Santos-Pinto he also runs the inter-faculty MSc program in Behaviour, Economics, and Evolution.  Charles is also a CESifo Research Network Affiliate.

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