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  • New paper on social tipping accepted at Behavioural Public Policy  (26 Oct 2021)

    Berger, J., Efferson, C., and Vogt, S.  Tipping pro-environmental norm diffusion at scale: opportunities and limitations.

  • Charles Efferson is hiring a new Master's level student assistant, deadline 30 Nov (26 Oct 2021)

    Link to ad

  • New paper on behavior change accepted at Bulletin of the World Health Organization (27 July 2021)

    Schimmelpfennig, R., Vogt, S., Ehret, S., and Efferson, C.  (Forthcoming).  Maximizing behavior change when people differ from each other.  Bulletin of the World Health Organization.  Special themed issue on Behavior and Health.

  • Vogt and von Flüe moving to UNIL (27 July 2021)

    From 1 September 2021, Sonja Vogt will be leaving the University of Bern and starting as Associate Professor of Grand Challenges in the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Lausanne.  Lukas von Flüe will also be moving from Bern to Lausanne, where he will be joining the PhD program in Management.