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  • New paper on social tipping published at Nature Human Behavior (23 September 2022)

    Ehret, S., Constantino, S., Weber, E., Efferson, C., & Vogt, S. (2022). Group Identities Make Fragile Tipping Points. Nature Human Behavior.

  • Upcoming talks at CES Conference

    In September 2022, Charles Efferson, Lisa Faessler, and Robin Schimmelpfennig will give talks at the bi-annual Cultural Evolution Society Conference in Aarhus.

  • Lisa Faessler wins Best Poster Presentation award at the 5th ESLR workshop

    The jury of the 5th Early-Career Social Learning Researchers workshop has awarded Lisa Faessler Best Poster Presentation for her poster “How Culture Affects our Fitness: Evidence from a Swiss Language Border (Tweet & Poster).

  • Clara Bersch, Charles Efferson & Sonja Vogt win research grant from E4S (31 March 2022)

    E4S has awarded Bersch, Efferson & Vogt 75’000 CHF for their project "Digital Advice with Artificial Intelligence in the Context of Smallholder Farming in the Global South”.

  • Sonja Vogt has joined the University of Oxford Candour Project (31 March 2022)

    Sonja Vogt has joined the University of Oxford Candour Project ( CANDOUR project conducts global research on issues related to health, economics, and politics. Research projects in association with Candour have been published in leading scientific journals including Nature Medicine, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and Health Economics.

  • Upcoming talks by Sönke Ehret

    In August 2022, Sönke Ehret will give a talk at the annual Association of Management Conference Political Science Association Conference.  In September 2022, he will give talks at the annual American Political Science Association meeting.